The Young Cricketer’s Companion The Young Cricketer’s Companion
Waiting for your turn No matter what your number in the batting order, be ready for your turn. Have all your gear at hand, be an active watcher by studying the bowlers, fielders and tactics of the opposition. Be close to the captain or coach, so that last minute instructions can be easily given. 
A fair catch? Occasionally there is doubt whether a fielder has caught the ball. As you will be playing in matches with no replay technology, you need to help the umpires. You will know beyond all reasonable doubt whether you made the catch or whether the ball touched the ground just before your hands. If it is no catch or you are genuinely unsure, say so.
Reacting to a bad umpire’s decision The umpire’s decision is final and must not be criticised, either by word or by body language. An angry or surprised look implies a criticism of the umpire and must never happen. When you return to your team mates, resist the temptation, no matter how hard it may be, to make negative comments on the umpire’s decision.
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